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Golden Seal and Mint Tea -- for Chest Colds

When I have a deep cold, and my mucus starts to turn white or yellowish, I use a mixture of herbal teas:

Mint Tea (spearmint or peppermint),

Eucalyptus Tea,

Lemon juice,

and Red pepper (or Cayenne).

The sooner I realize I am sick the quicker this works. But, if I get too busy or too stressed, sometimes I just keep pushing myself deeper into illness without realizing it. Then, it is time to add Golden Seal. Anytime I drink the "cold remedy" (given above) and don't get better within a few hours, I add a little golden seal (tea or elixir). Usually I use a light dosage; but, if I have pushed myself into a deep cold, I take maximum dosages (one or two times) and then continued with regular dosages for several days.

I was once told that golden seal is a mild natural antibiotic. Therefore, I do not drink Golden Seal as a pleasure tea. I only drink it for medicinal purposes. It works well to clean up deep colds and coughs.

By the way:

Stop eating food with these ingredients when trying to cure a cold:

yeast, eggs, oatmeal, and dairy products These products make the body produce more mucus.

Also, stop sugar; it distracts the agents of your immune system that you want focused on fighting your cold.

Once, I found myself flat on my back almost unable to move before I realized I was sick. I was coughing up dark brown mucus that really scared me until I remembered what I should have been doing way back when I first started to feel the cold settle in my chest. Using the information above got me back on my feet in a couple of days.


Giving, or recommending, dosages would be practicing medicine. (I can only testify as to what worked for me.) The way I usually find my dosage of supplements, and herbs, is to take 1/2 the dosage as stated on the bottle, and slowly increased it. Then I listen closely to my body's reactions and watch out for side effects or allergies. I seldom reach the normal dosage and NEVER go over the maximum recommended. Once I reach a dosage that works for me, I label the bottle with my dosage.

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