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Boost Your Immune System

It is good to take Hot/Cold showers to boost the immune system.... daily.

Good advice for all year round.... I heard it ; but, just could not stand the sudden blast of cold water. Someone told me about running cold water on my feet after taking a hot shower. That made all the difference I needed!! It works great; and I seem to get the same benefits. I take a hot shower, run cold water on my feet for a few seconds (enough time to lather a second time), and then rinse with another hot shower.

Note to those that have never tried it:

  • Your eyes may turn very red for a few minutes afterwards. I think it is because of the sudden blood flow; but that is what you are trying to achieve.

  • And, take special care to moisturize your feet; especially in the winter months.

(The cold water tends to dry the skin.)

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