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Spicy Mint Tea -- Cold Remedy

Eucalyptus* tea,

Mint* tea,

Cayenne Pepper (a pinch to taste),

Lemon Juice,

and Agave (or Honey)

You can use two tea bags in one cup...

You don't have to have a cold to enjoy this spicy winter treat!

By the way:

Stop food with these ingredients when trying to cure a cold:

yeast, eggs, oatmeal, and dairy products These products make the body produce more mucus.

Also, stop sugar; it distracts the agents of your immune system that you want focused on fighting your cold.

I woke, at 3:00 a, with a runny nose and feeling a little tickle in my throat. I went to my cabinet to see what I had. The above ingredients caught my eye. I made a cup of tea mixing them all together and, immediately, I felt a headache (I did not realize I had) just stop; my head cleared, my nose stopped running, and the red pepper soothed my throat. I drank a second cup for breakfast and the symptoms were completely gone.

*Having BOTH types of tea is best; but either one alone will work also.

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