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Itchy eyes? (It may not be allergies)

All itchy eyes are not because of allergies.

Mine were not red but they felt like I had grains of sand irritating them.

As mentioned in another post, I went to an ophthalmologist that recommended I scrub my eyelashes, daily, with soft cotton clothes and warm water to remove dirt and dead cells. The improvement was amazing.

I used the corners of old-fashioned cotton baby diapers and made sure to wash the cloth after each use, with antibacterial soap, to kill the bacteria.

An unexpected side-benefit was that the warm damp cloths acted as warm compresses and yielded the secondary-benefit of getting rid of the bags under my eyes.

As always though, if your eyes continue to itch or burn, make sure you check my post about opticians vs ophthalmologists and follow-up with a licensed professional.

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