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Chamomile Tea - for pain relief

Chamomile tea is often used to calm the nerves and reduce inflammation. Many of my friends use it "like" a sedative to help them sleep. However, I realized that they were too getting older and having night-time pain and stiffness. What if, instead of PUTTING them to sleep, it was actually ALLOWING them to sleep. That did it!

I normally keep a small supply of regular strength ibuprofen tablets on hand for emergencies. (a bottle of 20 tablets usually expire before use) However, as I had reached 65+, I was considering buying a larger bottle because suddenly they were being used so quickly.

I remembered the YEARs of avoiding such trivial use of pain medication and knew there had to be a better way. "God has provided so many herbs for healing; there must be something for minor pain." It only took a few minutes in Google to find that I had a natural pain relief right in my kitchen cabinet among my tea bags.

I, now, drink Chamomile Tea ... not just at bed time. I drink it ANY time I have aches and pains from a hard day's work out. It works GREAT!!

A full article on Chamomile:

For more information about other "healing herbs":

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