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The Wages of Sin

A small voice spoke to me, “Ask the class, “What if……”

What if you had a hundred-dollar bill?

What if that $100 was to pay your rent?

What if you couldn’t find it

and the last time you remember it was on the table next to the trash can?

What if….

What if you go outside to the community dumpster and see your trash—

with the $100 bill sticking out of it?

Trash Bin

What if someone else emptied their trash on top of your trash?

What if THEIR trash was full of maggots, slime, and creepy things?

What would you do?

The ‘tweens had all KINDS of creative ways to get the $100.

At first, I thought God wanted us to see sin as maggots, slime, and creepy things.

At first, I thought God wanted us to stop “putting on gloves” and digging in the trash.

At first, I thought God wanted us to stop “cleaning up” the desires we seek.

God spoke to me again, “You missed the point entirely,”

Then He flipped the script mid-lesson:

He said, “NOW, What if….”

This time, I asked the kids, “What if that $100 was in the bottom of a container of acid?”

THEN the ‘tweens decided that they would leave it there; It wasn’t worth it.

Acid Container

At First: We don’t see sin as it is—

We see it as a nuisance that taints our lives.

Something to wash off or clean up.

Real lesson: Sin is acid!! …

The wages of is sin is DEATH!

It destroys (eats to the bone) all that comes in touch.

No “pleasure” or “necessity” is worth the risk….

Now, what do you do?


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