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Modifying Ph levels

Lowering your body's Ph not only helps you lose weight; it also helps your body systems function in a more optimal fashion. We are fearfully and wonderfully made; and your Ph level tells a lot about how fine tuned your systems are running, the likeliness for disease, and the atmosphere for recovery.

Eating foods that help lower the system's Ph is a way to help you become less acidic. There are many web sites that publish lists of foods and their acidic/alkaline tendencies. Incorporate the more alkaline and avoid the more acidic. Here are a couple I've used:

(I printed the charts and put them on my fridge as constant references.)

Some people monitor their Ph by using strips easily bought on the internet. As you will see, some charts differ where they place a food. That is because how acidic/alkaline a food is may differ from person to person and how the food(s) breakdown in their specific body environment may change. However, you will be able to get a general idea from the charts; your body's reaction will probably only differ a little.

Note: I am not claiming to agree with everything on the above sites, I glanced over them and got some good tid-bits; but, I mainly used them to show you the lists they have given.

I did not even use ALL the lists. I printed the ones that contained most of the foods in my regular diet. (good and bad) I tried to give you enough variety to fit your normal diet so that

you can see where your foods fall. If you need more, I searched on "Food Ph". When I need to know about a food not on the lists, I Google "Ph in _________" (that specific food); I usually get an answer.

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