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Why Our Bodies Need Water - Videos

Dr. Donald B. Kelly, presenter

Focus on Health Seminar, 2009

Hyattsville, MD

Dr. Donald B. Kelly was a graduate in human physiology, internal medicine, and endocrinology, from Oxford University, the University of the West Indies, and the University of Toronto. Dr. Kelly has presented health seminars throughout the world as a medical missionary. The practical and spiritual approach of his presentations and speeches has helped hundreds to understand and incorporate nature's true remedies into their lives, dramatically improving their quality of life and that of those around them.

Bio: Copied from Dr. Kelly's Obituary


I learned so very much from his seminars. I hope the little information in these two videos assists you in understanding... Why our bodies need water.

Introduction - Pure Water

Part 1 -- Basic Cell Function, Insulin Production, and Cell Death (Apoptosis)

Part 2 -- Cell Preservation, High Cholesterol, Kidney Problems, and Self-Inflected Diseases

Summary: Diseases and Malfunctions Caused By Lack Of Pure Water

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