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Help Your Kidneys

This is not to say these foods damage the kidneys. But, if your kidneys are damaged (even slightly*), these foods may cause more problems.

Dark-Colored Colas (Sodas)


Canned Foods

Whole-Wheat Bread

Brown Rice


Dairy Products

Potassium: Potassium plays many critical roles in the body, but those with kidney disease need to limit potassium to avoid dangerously high blood levels. It’s usually recommended to limit potassium to less than 2,000 mg per day.

Phosphorus: Damaged kidneys can’t remove excess phosphorus, a mineral in many foods. High levels can cause damage to the body, so dietary phosphorus is restricted to less than 800–1,000 mg per day in most patients.

Protein is another nutrient that people with kidney disease may need to limit, as waste products from protein metabolism can’t be cleared out by damaged kidneys.

*I was having REAL kidney pain.

The doctors were looking for kidney disease (or failure) and since things had not gotten that bad, they had nothing to tell me. I used this information and was able to "rest" my kidneys and avoid further damage. Since then, I eat these foods in moderation and have not had problems. I am also mindful of pain killers, drinking enough water, and other common habits that help the kidneys.

Recent sources:

Foods to Avoid or Limit If You Have Bad Kidneys

For more information, click HERE

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