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Aluminum - in cooking

There are many articles on the use of aluminum foil and its affects on arthritis and Alzheimer's Disease.

I can say from personal experience that my arthritis (especially in my hands) flares up whenever I eat food that has been cooked, or stored, touching bare aluminum. Therefore, any of the MANY times a day I want to use aluminum foil, I simply line the foil with wax paper or incase the food with wax paper before covering it with foil.

That is true for all uses of aluminum products in my kitchen; from covering food in my toaster oven, baking cookies or potatoes, wrapping food for the freezer, even wrapping food for the grill.

I have also found that I have pain after drinking canned beverages. I simply don't drink them. I only drink beverages stored in glass, plastic, or paper containers.

I discarded all of my aluminum pots and eating utensils and now my kitchen is aluminum free except that I use lined-foil as I mentioned above.

A simple test:

I test all my metal cooking equipment with a magnet. (A magnet from the frig will do.)

If the magnet sticks firmly to the item, I use it.

If the magnet does not stick, I don't. .... SIMPLE!

Once I did my initial "clean-up" I only test new purchases ... (BEFORE I purchase :)

That way I keep my kitchen aluminum free.

I also use aluminum free products as spoken of in the above video...

for more information click HERE

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