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Welcome to!

Years ago, God gave me an idea for a company, GOG Enterprises (Gifts of God), out of which He would guide me into sharing the gifts he would impart. Some of God's gifts have been physical; many have been increased knowledge and understanding. I prayed for a way to share some of these blessings, and now, through, the Lord has brought the idea to fruition. Visit us often and watch us as we grow!


Explore my blog, A Peace of My Mind. Follow links to FREE health information and Bible truths. (powerful sermons, studies about end-time prophecies, and more...) Make sure you don't miss my book, The Diary of a SAVED Black Woman!

God has commissioned his church to "go ye therefore into all the world" … This is my humble attempt. Please read, explore, subscribe, and most of all--SHARE!


God bless; and by all means,

Come back soon!

Pamela C. Mason


I am sharing what I have learned through health seminars, study, and life experience.

This information is meant to introduce you to a lifestyle of healthy eating.

There is a lot more to eating healthy than just eating your vegetables.

Anyone is welcome to read and learn, but for medical advice, please contact a licensed professional. Our health suggestions are not a substitute for medical advice.

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